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AI-based computer vision technology – a solution to Eskom’s woes?

The South African government is currently deploying over 800 members of the SANDF to Eskom power stations – at a cost of over R145-million – to try and safeguard them against rampant crime and sabotage. Last year some 2 700 soldiers were deployed – an effort that cost taxpayers some R200

Boosting your business with Automated Document Processing

If you think boosting your business with ADP is a little far fetched, we’re here to prove you wrong. In chatting with colleagues a little while ago, I realized that there is a misconception that Automated Document Processing is just a new term for document management (storing and locating documents

Why AI Should Form Part Of Your Business Planning

Artificial Intelligence already significantly influences businesses, and that is why AI should form part of your business planning if it hasn’t already.  Artificial Intelligence is not science fiction nor a dream of the future. AI is all around us, and businesses are using it to stay ahead of the competition. 

Boost Staff Productivity With Artificial Intelligence

Productivity in business is essential to success, and if you haven’t already invested in AI, you want to boost staff productivity with artificial intelligence in 2023.  As per, the investment in AI technology is enormous, with overall investment predicted to hit nearly $100 billion by 2023.  AI is a

Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming the Insurance Industry

Wondering how Artificial Intelligence is transforming the insurance industry? AI technology has already begun to change how insurers do business by helping them become more efficient and effective.  Technology is advancing daily, affecting industries from manufacturing to human resources and insurance. It has become increasingly apparent that artificial Intelligence (AI)

How AI Helps Prevent Insurance Fraud

With identity theft and fraud on an upward trajectory, and fraudulent claims making news headlines, we take a look at how AI is preventing fraud in insurance today. Insurance claim fraud is a global problem, and it’s getting worse. What Is Insurance Fraud? Insurance fraud is a serious problem that

Artificial Intelligence is Bringing Back The Human Into Human Resources

More and more organizations are discovering that artificial intelligence is bringing back the human into human resources. Whether you’re concerned, afraid, or excited about AI in the workplace, it’s worth exploring how HR departments in many different industries are benefiting.  AI – Friend or Foe? It’s all about your perspective

Artificial Intelligence In The HR Industry

AI is changing every aspect of our lives and work environment, and artificial Intelligence in the HR industry has transformed HR’s contribution to an organization’s competitive advantage. More and more companies with HR departments seek to automate, optimize, and improve their HR operations to remain competitive. Artificial intelligence solutions can

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