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Computer Vision

Man vs. Machine – everything you need to know about computer vision

Computer vision is considered a new innovation in IT, but for aeons, people have dreamt of creating machines with the characteristics of human intelligence. Machines that can think and then act like human beings. It’s been widely imagined in books and movies how these ideas will come to fruition in

OCR Technology

What Is OCR Technology and How Has It Changed

What Is OCR Technology?  OCR Technology aka Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a research field that incorporates artificial intelligence (AI), computer vision and pattern recognition. It refers to the process of electronic transformation of images of written, printed or typed text to machine-encoded text.  Put simply, it is the process

RPA Technology

Simplifying Documentation with RPA Technology

Automating Documentation Using RPA Technology  RPA Technology or Robotic process automation systems are typically used by companies to automate certain processes with the aim to improve their error margins and boost return on investment (ROI). But what if we told you that you can do even better? By using RPA

Multi Factor Verification

Multi Factor Verification: The Benefits to Your Business

The Benefits of Multi Factor Verification Multi Factor Verification should be top of mind for modern businesses concerned with client data security. Multi factor authentication is one of the safest methods to validate client data. We’ll cover the main advantages of multi-factor authentication and why it’s an essential part of

What is RPA?

What is RPA?

What Is RPA: A Definition Anyone Can Understand  While the term robot process automation or RPA may sound complicated, we are confident that 5 minutes from now you’ll be blown away by how uncomplicated it actually is. Especially considering the surprisingly simple and concise guide we’ve prepared for you. Without

The Future of AI

The Future of AI – AI Integrated Into Our Lives

The Future of AI is exciting and will enhance our lives in a myriad ways. In the not so distant future, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will form part of virtually every aspect of our lives, potentially surpassing human intelligence. In fact, it’s arriving sooner than you may know, its impact already

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