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visionTrack: Turning your CCTV cameras into always-on AI eyes that monitor your business-critical activity.

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Computer Vision AI in Manufacturing

Using computer vision, VisionTrack plugs into your existing CCTV system to facilitate the identification and tracking of people, objects and incidents.

They can measure anything you can see, even nuanced human activities.

This creates a new opportunity to access “visual data”, a new data source that was previously inaccessible.


More and more businesses are setting up systems to monitor production and logistics processes. Camera surveillance is generally the first go-to to achieve these goals. VisionTrack software enhances the surveillance process by enabling counting, tracking of multiple objects and reporting.

Monitor Quality

Human quality control is often flawed, subjective and difficult to manage - human workers performing monotonous visual inspection tasks are prone to boredom, losing focus, and overlooking a critical issue or flaw, leading to expensive errors. Deep learning can make simple defect detection and grading faster and easier to deploy.

Track Incidents

Compliance and strict adherence to health and safety standards are critical to the success of any organization. From ensuring the correct use of safety equipment to monitoring workplace safety conditions, VisionTrack allows companies to comply with health safety regulations to achieve a safer workplace.

Choose visionAI for your AI Manufacturing transformation

Solve your manufacturing, operational and logistical problems using your existing CCTV hardware. Use intelligent computer vision software to cut costs, reduce operational risks and get actionable insights for your business.

Manufacturing success in 3 easy steps



VisionTrack is camera-agnostic. With a simple download, we will connect to any network-connected camera within your network and begin to process the streams.


Identify and Track

VisionTrack will identify the items within the image and send them to the cloud for reporting. While a moving object such as a loaf of bread, skier, or box on a conveyor belt might create hundreds of camera frames while it is being tracked, only the best image will be sent to the cloud for processing.


VisionTrack turns physical objects – and their movement, quality and position – into useful digital information. Alert when something goes wrong, count the items (and types) that move on a conveyor belt, or report on the quality of produced goods in your factory.

Why should you rely on vision AI to revolutionise your enterprise?

The rolling awards and acknowledgements from the industry highlight Vision AI’s dedication to advancing businesses with the latest robotic process automation and AI technologies.

Microsoft SA AI Partner of the Year 2018 - 2022

Consistently celebrated as the premier Microsoft SA AI Partner from 2018-2022.

GrindStone 2020 Cohort member

Distinguished as a forward-thinking and notable firm in the GrindStone 2020 Cohort.

Microsoft Data and AI Solution Partner

Awarded for our proficiency in Microsoft Data and AI solutions.

Microsoft AI Inner Circle Top 1%

Positioned within the prestigious top 1% of Microsoft's AI Inner Circle.

Dive into our cutting-edge technology stack

Discover the groundbreaking technologies behind our Vision AI Suite.

AI & machine learning

Enabling systems to adapt, discern patterns, and improve their decision-making prowess.

Computer vision

Providing machines the ability to decode, evaluate, and grasp visual information.

Identity verification techniques

Boosting compliance with sophisticated verification, complemented by facial recognition and authentication strategies.

Optical character recognition (OCR)

Transforming handwritten or typed materials into digital text that can be edited.

Robotic process automation (RPA)

Enhancing operational workflows by automating recurring tasks, increasing both pace and precision.

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See how our object tracking solution, VisionTrack, can help you track multiple objects, screen for defects and combat fraud.

agriculture deliveries

The Challenge

  • The agriculture industry faces significant challenges ensuring the correct delivery of products such as maize, seeds, and other goods.
  • Traditional methods of identifying fraudulent deliveries are insufficient, time-consuming, and prone to human error.

Technology Used

The Solution

By using cameras, deep learning algorithms, image recognition and advanced analytics, visionAI’s computer vision systems can track trucks as they approach the weighbridge, capture their license plate numbers and driver details and record the weight of the vehicle and the goods being transported.

Business Objective

Fraudulent activities are a common problem in the agricultural industry. These activities typically involve delivering incorrect amounts, products, or grades, which can result in significant losses for farmers and businesses. To combat this issue, the agricultural industry needs to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and minimize the need for manual inspections.

The Result

VisionTrack’s advanced computer vision solution tracks trucks at weighbridges, which effectively aligns the transporter with their cargo, ensuring transparency and accountability throughout the supply chain. This enables authorities to verify the accuracy of deliveries and prevent underreporting or overloading.

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