Identifying Suspicious Vehicles for Safer Cash in Transit

vehicle recognition and classification


  • Cash-in-transit (CiT) heists in South Africa have been a growing concern, inflicting substantial financial losses and endangering lives.
  • A large surveillance organization deploying cameras in public areas around various South African cities required an intelligent solution as an extension of their license plate recognition technology to assist in the war against CiT heists



visionAI’s computer vision technology is designed for vehicle recognition and classification based on attributes such as color, license plate, and make and model. This allows CiT companies to be alerted to potential threats from vehicles following the CiT truck for an unusual amount of time.


The business needed to create a new product offering for CiT companies that would first recognize their vehicles as they pass various surveillance cameras along their route, and then analyze all vehicles in the immediate vicinity to identify potential risks.


Driving a CiT vehicle is the second most dangerous job in South Africa. visionAI’s technology improves the safety of CiT drivers and eliminates loss by allowing CiT companies to identify potential threats and suspicious activity and to take evasive action before an attack takes place.

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