Verification for insurance

Client onboarding and verification tools made for insurers

Automated validation of your customers

Verify your customers from the start

Did you know that you can automate your customers’ verification and onboarding  process, saving you and your customers time?​

​Simplify and meet your compliance requirements with an AI-driven Verification platform made with Insurer’s in mind. Using computer vision technology combined with 8-way checks and third party integrations such as Home Affairs, you can help reduce fraud by automatically verifying your customers’ identity and personal information. ​

Enable your insurance agents to work smarter, and your organization to reap the benefits of AI and automation. ​


“Artificial intelligence in insurance claims can reduce claims regulation costs by 20-30%, processing costs by 50-65%, and processing time by 50-90% while improving the customer service experience.”

The Verify for Insurance solution benefits include:

Verify for insurance


Quick, easy and effective verification

How it works

Verify your client in real-time. You get peace of mind and your client gets a slick, seamless, interaction with your company.

Client is sent a link while being onboarded

Access verification platform

8-way checks including face, ID, location & address

Insurer can verify client in real time

Approved & onboarded into insurance company as client

The visionAI Suite Solutions

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Enable safe, secure, compliant verifications in seconds with VisionVerify. Ensure the person you are talking to is who they say they are through one-time-presence, liveness checks, and other fraudsters’ identities.