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Why Real time OEE reporting is key to reduce unplanned downtime

The Importance of Real-Time OEE Reporting with visionAI’s OEE Plus+ The Shift from Retrospective to Real-Time OEE Reporting In today’s fast-paced manufacturing environment, efficiency is paramount. Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is a critical metric that helps manufacturers gauge productivity. Traditionally, OEE has been measured manually, but this method is fraught

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AI to the rescue of SA’s floundering manufacturing sector

Originally published on ITWeb Smart utilisation of artificial intelligence (AI) could go a long way towards the resuscitation of large sections of South Africa’s moribund manufacturing sector. By using advanced AI to boost human productivity (instead of focusing on mechanisation and digitisation), the manufacturing industry can capitalise on South Africa’s

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Ditching Unplanned Downtime

Read part 1 here In the True Cost of Downtime 2022 report by Siemens, the firm found that the cost of unplanned downtime is increasing. For global Fortune 500 manufacturers, they are losing 11% of their annual turnover to this problem – that’s an estimated price tag of $1.5 trillion.

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