Maximise Production Efficiency
in Your Factory

Weather Economic Challenges  Reduce Production Downtime  Increase Profitability 

Manufacturers are under pressure to streamline operations and optimise production efficiency to remain competitive in an increasingly globalised market. Learn how you can leverage visual AI to prioritise this important metric in your factory.


OEE is a widely recognized industry standard for assessing the efficiency of manufacturing processes. OEE is a useful measure but comes with limitations which can’t be overlooked by manufacturers trying to save costs and boost efficiency.

The limitations of OEE:

  • Exclusive Focus on Equipment
  • Human Element Oversight
  • Doesn’t Consider Resource Costs
  • Unable to Differentiate Resource Types
  • Excludes External Factors

OLE augments OEE data and can provide a more holistic understanding of the interplay between equipment, human resources, and other elements in the production process since.

The advantages of OLE:

  • Comprehensive Performance Management including availability, performance and quality metrics for machine and labour activities
  • Alignment with business goals
  • Identify bottlenecks, human error and inefficiencies
  • Encouraging continuous improvement
  • Data benchmarking

Using These Production
Efficiency Trackers?

  • Manual Monitoring
  • Traditional Scanning or Sensors
  • IoT Sensors
  • Connected Employees
These are valuable methods, but are they truly effective at measuring the metrics you need to optimise production efficiency?   The most difficult thing to track is people. There are subtle nuances to different production activities that can only really be measured if they are seen and understood. There is an alternative though. 

Accurately Measuring OLE in Your Factory

Manufacturers all have one goal in common: improve production efficiency to drive increased profitability and mitigate risks of economic uncertainties.

Have you ever said one of these statements?  

$1.5 trillion

Estimated monetary cost due to downtime globally (Siemens)


Average cost of downtime per hour (Aberdeen)


Average turnover lost due to downtime (Siemens)

How visionAI drives Production Efficiency with OLE

Every factory with a camera system can take advantage of our production efficiency strategy. Every aspect of OLE can be monitored by existing CCTV cameras when combined with a Visual AI solution like visionAI.

Passive monitoring of business-critical human and machine activity is crucial to getting the full OLE picture. Fortunately, you don’t have to refinance your factory to get this unique perspective.


Visual AI can be applied using your existing factory camera installation – no need for further hardware investment


visual AI

Our system is trained to detect, monitor, analyse and provide deeo analytics that improve your factory processes


New Insights

Unlock visual intelligence to make better informed decisions and ensure a safe, productive factory environment

How visionTrack is helping manufacturers

Explore our use cases to see how computer vision is empowering manufacturing businesses like yours.

Detecting and alerting food manufacturing defects

Quality control for bread manufacturing

Enhancing workstation time monitoring for improved productivity and compliance

Stamping out cross-contamination in food manufacturing

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