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visionAI’s OEE Plus+ solution lays the foundation for next generation production efficiency monitoring. Your existing factory cameras are the most intuitive sensors and when coupled with visual AI, offer enhanced OEE production measures that other tools and sensors can’t detect.




Introducing visionAI’s OEE Plus+

Your machine efficiency metrics


Operator availability and performance

Downtime root causes

Product Identification



All in real-time reporting & alerts in your pocket

OEE Plus+ unlocks previously inaccessible insights that only cameras can see and measure. While traditional tools and sensors can monitor OEE for machine availability and performance, visionAI produces real time, automated insights of so much more.  

Machine Downtime Root Causes

Knowing when a machine goes down is helpful but understanding why in real time can enable rapid response. visual AI can determine critical insights like 

  • Supply/ material ready & available to feed the machine? 
  • Is a reel change needed? 
  • How long does it take for maintenance to respond? 
  • Is there a chain of downtime events unfolding? 
  • Understanding short stops 
  • Operators slowing down machine speed 
  • Best practice not followed


and where there are downtime reasons that cameras can’t see, visionAI simplifies the process for one click, mobile capture of other reasons eg. Electrical fault or blade replacement needed.  

Operator Availability

measures the planned, available time of operators versus actual time spent working by monitoring operator stations for the presence or absence of operators and observing work patterns or possibly distractions eg. mobile phone use.  

Operator Performance

measures the actual performance of operators by monitoring and counting specific work activities and cycle times. The produces actual metrics that can be measured against targets (by minute or by hour)

Operator Quality

In addition to measuring operator availability and performance, operator quality monitors a specific number or sequence of activities that may need to be followed in order to meet a quality standard. 


Cameras can passively monitor performance of production machines versus packaging machine to report on wastage discrepancies or scrap, while being able to detect when a machine malfunctions occur or batches are not prepared correctly. 


Adhering to safety and hygiene standards are critical in manufacturing environments and the same cameras that monitor machines and operators can monitor the compliance of health and safety standards.

Product Quality

Identifying individual product characteristics and detecting anomalies or defects that don’t meet safety standards is critical function of visual AI. In addition, ensuring critical QC activities occur and in the correct sequence can be passively observed using existing factory cameras.  

Current practice? With OEE Plus+
No OEE or existing OEE measures for machine availability and performance (possibly manual or automated and retrospective)
Machine availability and performance monitored passively using existing cameras and reported in real time via email & Whatsapp
Machine downtime reasons reported manually (possibly only long stops and information unreliable and retrospective)
Passively detect & alert machine downtime with root causes.
Unreliable labour efficiency metrics
Real time, unbiased operator availability and performance to complement and enrich machine related metrics
Manual quality control measures are very difficult to monitor with traditional tools and sensors
Cameras can be trained to analyse and monitor what humans can see with the naked eye.
Disparate data sources that requires complicated data collation or integration to build a comprehensive single pane view of production performance
visionAI’s selection of OEE Plus+ metrics are reported holistically within the OEE Pillars of Availability, Performance and Quality providing a single source of truth from one system.
$1.5 trillion

Estimated monetary cost due to downtime globally (Siemens)


Average cost of downtime per hour (Aberdeen)


Average turnover lost due to downtime (Siemens)

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Quality control for bread manufacturing

Enhancing workstation time monitoring for improved productivity and compliance

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