Food and Beverage Manufacturing

Don’t let product recall be your downfall

Manual quality control is yesterday’s problem


Manual quality control is often subject to the personal opinions and biases of the individuals performing the inspections, which can lead to inconsistencies

Human error

Manual quality control is prone to human error, including mistakes in judgment, misinterpretation of data, and simple oversight


Manual quality control is a time-consuming process, especially for large-scale operations, which results in delays and increased costs


Manual quality control is a costly process, requiring the hiring of additional staff, training, and equipment


Manual quality control requires a significant amount of time and resources to inspect each item or batch of products

Computer Vision AI for Food Manufacturing

In the food manufacturing industry, quality control is everything.

But ensuring that quality control processes are carried out accurately and efficiently can be challenging. A reliance on manual processes can lead to inconsistencies in product quality, increased costs, and reduced efficiency. Computer Vision technology helps to overcome these challenges by providing a more objective, efficient, and accurate means of quality control.

visionAI for Food Manufacturing: Maximizing efficiency and reducing waste with AI-powered Computer Vision.


How Computer Vision AI improves your business

Quality control

Analyze images of food products in real-time, detect defects and ensure that the products meet the required quality standards. This can be particularly useful in industries like meat processing, where defects can be hard to detect with the naked eye.

Sorting and grading

Sort and grade food products based on size, shape, color, and other characteristics. This can be particularly useful in industries like fruit and vegetable processing, where consistent quality control and defect detection is important.


Ensure that food products are properly packaged, with no defects or contaminants. This is critical in industries like baked goods, where packaging defects can lead to spoilage and waste.


Track food products throughout the production process, from farm to table. This is paramount in industries like seafood processing, where traceability is important for ensuring food safety and quality.

Transforming the food manufacturing industry through improved product quality and safety, reduced waste, and increased efficiency.

Food manufacturing solution features

Incident management and alerting

VisionTrack sends alerts when objects deviate from their expected location, status, or performance, enabling manufacturers to quickly identify and resolve issues in the production process. Vision Track detects incidents, such as product breakages, spills, or accidents, in real-time

Volume estimation

By analyzing the size and shape of products and materials, VisionTrack accurately estimates their overall volume. This information is useful for optimizing storage space, planning transportation, and improving the overall efficiency of the facility

Facial recognition

VisionTrack uses facial recognition to connect workflows to people on the production line. This feature enables manufacturers to identify and track workers, monitor their productivity, and ensure their safety

Quality control

VisionTrack detects multiple aspects of defects, errors, or anomalies in the manufacturing process, providing real-time feedback to operators

Quantity estimation

Vision Track's advanced algorithms accurately estimate the quantity of raw materials, components, and finished products in the facility

Object counting

VisionTrack counts multiple aspects of objects as they move through the manufacturing process

Object tracking

VisionTrack tracks multiple aspects of an object, component, or machine in real-time, providing updates on their location, status, and performance

Why visionAI for Food Manufacturing?


Unlike traditional scanning technologies, which are often specialized and limited in their capabilities, VisionTrack uses computer vision to track, count, alert, and perform quality control tasks using any existing camera.


VisionTrack eliminates the need for expensive hardware, such as specialized scanners, and can be implemented using any camera. It does not require data scientists to improve models and systems.

Speed of implementation

VisionTrack can be implemented and start adding value to a manufacturing operation in hours. In stark contrast to traditional scanning technologies, which often require significant time and resources to implement.

Empowered factory operators

VisionTrack is designed to empower factory operators by providing them with a tool that they can use themselves to train and improve the accuracy of the AI system.

Insights into the world of Computer Vision AI

  As the fundamental technology that enables machines to “see” and interpret the world around them, Computer Vision is revolutionizing the value of business processes that involve objects, documents and people. The ability to automatically extract information from images, such as object recognition, scene reconstruction, and image segmentation opens up a world of endless possibilities. 

Here are a few reasons why manufacturing companies choose visionAI:

Detecting Food Manufacturing Defects

Improving efficiency, quality and control in production factories

Quality Control for Bread Manufacturing

Reducing stock loss variance and improving the bottom line

Empower your factory operator to do more with less

Revolutionise your manufacturing processes with visionAI.

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