Catch defects, issues and errors before they catch you

Extract meaningful insights from images, documents, and videos

Computer vision AI: Going places the human eye cannot

Object tracking

See more, do more with any camera

Document AI

The best of document intelligence

Identity verification

Proof of who you are dealing with

Amplifying human potential through computer vision software

Now you have the power to augment human capabilities, automate repetitive tasks, enhance decision-making,  and enable new technologies and applications.


How can computer vision AI improve your business?

Computer vision provides real-time insights, automated processes, and improved accuracy and efficiency across a wide range of fields and applications. 

By giving machines the human-like ability to ‘see’ and ‘understand’, this next-gen technology allows computers to identify and process objects in images and videos, the same way humans do. Only faster, more accurately and consistently for improved decision-making and better outcomes.

AI for Food Manufacturing

Transforming the food manufacturing industry through improved product quality and safety, reduced waste, and increased efficiency

AI for Insurance

Our computer vision and AI technology stamps out fraud, speeds up claim processing and delivers objective risk assessments.

HR Onboarding

Reduce high volume HR onboarding admin by 80% and the processing time from days into minutes


No need for specialised hardware

Intuitive interface

No data scientists or steep learning curve necessary

Suite of products

Focused on meeting your unique needs

Time to value

Quickly set up computer vision models for rapid ROI

Desktop & mobile

The freedom to choose your preferred platform


Insights into the world of computer vision

  As the fundamental technology that enables machines to “see” and interpret the world around them, computer vision is revolutionizing the value of business processes that involve objects, documents and people. The ability to automatically extract information from images, such as object recognition, scene reconstruction, and image segmentation opens up a world of endless possibilities. 

Detecting Food Manufacturing Defects

Improving efficiency, quality and control in production factories

Quality Control for Bread Manufacturing

Reducing stock loss variance and improving the bottom line

Identity Verification: Putting a Stop to Bogus Cell Phone Orders

Detecting identity theft to prevent fraudulent orders in the Telco industry

Unmasking Fraudulent Insurance Claims with Facial Recognition

Using facial recognition to identify fraud and cut insurance losses