Streamline Production Processes with: Manufacturing
and CCTV 

Discover the future of automated quality control and enhanced AI CCTV for smart manufacturing.

visionTrack combats key factory issues by reducing shrinkages and security risks, improving efficiency for a more productive, secure manufacturing process and environment.

What is automation in manufacturing?

Automation in manufacturing refers to the integration of automation technology into production lines and the entire supply chain to streamline manufacturing processes. It involves using advanced equipment and systems to autonomously execute, control, and oversee various aspects of production, enhancing efficiency, precision, and consistency.

This approach not only reduces human error and labour costs but also accelerates production lines, streamlining operations and enhancing overall factory efficiency and resource utilisation.

vision AI delivers cutting-edge, AI-powered manufacturing automation solutions tailored for the manufacturing industry.

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visionTrack's computer vision AI: Transforming CCTV in manufacturing automation

Utilising computer vision, visionTrack seamlessly integrates with existing CCTV systems, enhancing manufacturing tasks and processes by identifying, tracking, and analysing activities on production lines and within the factory, offering a new dimension of visual data for smarter manufacturing decisions and management.


More and more businesses are setting up systems to monitor logistics and production line processes. Surveillance cameras are often the first choice for achieving these objectives. visionTrack software enhances the surveillance process by enabling counting, tracking of multiple objects, and reporting.

Monitor quality

Human quality control is often flawed and difficult to manage – human workers performing monotonous visual inspections may lose focus and overlook a critical issue or flaw, leading to expensive errors. Automated systems and deep learning can make defect detection and grading faster and easier to deploy.

Track incidents

Compliance with health and safety standards is critical to the success of manufacturing operations. From ensuring the correct use of safety equipment on factory floors to monitoring workplace safety conditions, visionTrack helps companies comply with health and safety regulations to achieve a safer workplace.

Computer vision software: streamlining manufacturing automation with AI

Computer vision, a key aspect of artificial intelligence, empowers systems to interpret the visual world, much like human vision, but with greater precision.

In the manufacturing sector, this technology plays a crucial role in automating production processes by providing advanced image recognition, object detection, counting, and tracking.

This breakthrough in AI technology equips your manufacturing business with automation tools for more efficient and accurate operations, enhancing productivity and process management.


How can computer vision AI improve your business?

Address your manufacturing, operational, and logistical challenges with your current CCTV infrastructure, enhanced by intelligent computer vision software. This innovative technology reduces costs, minimises operational risks, and provides valuable insights for your business.

Key capabilities include:

Curious about real-world applications? Dive into our use cases to witness how computer vision enhances manufacturing businesses just like yours.

Detecting and alerting food manufacturing defects

Quality control for bread manufacturing

Enhancing workstation time monitoring for improved productivity and compliance

Stamping out cross-contamination in food manufacturing

Food and Beverage Manufacturing

Transform food and beverage production with computer vision AI by addressing challenges such as subjective quality control, human error, and inefficiency.

Streamline processes for sorting, grading, packaging, and tracing to ensure consistent quality and safety from farm to table, while reducing costs and time.
AI powered time monitoring software tracks worker productivity on factory floor

Light/ Medium Manufacturing

Optimise light and medium manufacturing with AI for precise quality control, improved handling of cross-contamination risks, and enhanced time management on workstations and machines.

AI tools also aid in detecting safety violations, streamlining asset tagging and inventory management, and reducing shrinkage through effective security monitoring.

Discover key benefits of AI for manufacturing

Unlock the power of AI technologies with visionAI, designed to help you solve problems, recognise patterns, manage data, and streamline your manufacturing process workflows. Explore AI system benefits for your business below.


No need for specialised hardware

Intuitive interface

No data science skills or steep learning curve required

Object Tracking

Track business-critical human and machine activities

Insights & alerts

Intuitive dashboard reporting with up-to-date insights

Visual evidence

Instantly access key moments with enhanced imaging

Setting the gold standard in AI solutions

Since 2017, visionAI has consistently showcased AI’s transformative power in revolutionising business operations. Designed to automate production processes, visionAI enhances quality control, streamlines security and monitoring, and integrates seamlessly with existing systems.

Recognised globally and a proud pillar of the Mint Group, visionAI embodies excellence in RPA and manufacturing automation.

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Inside our innovative technology stack

Explore the advanced technologies powering visionAI.

AI and machine learning

Empowering systems to adapt, learn, identify patterns, and enhance decision-making

Computer vision

Enabling computers with capabilities
to perceive, interpret, and understand visual data

Identity verification methods

Enhancing compliance through advanced verification, supported by facial recognition and authentication techniques

Optical character recognition (OCR)

Converting written or printed text into editable, digital data

Robotic process automation (RPA)

Automating repetitive tasks, and enhancing productivity and accuracy


Insights into the world of computer vision

As the fundamental technology that enables machines to “see” and interpret the world around them, computer vision is revolutionising the value of business processes that involve objects, documents, and people. The ability to automatically extract information from images, through object recognition, scene reconstruction, and image segmentation opens up a world of endless possibilities.

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Harness the power of manufacturing automation with vision AI

With a rich legacy of advancing businesses with AI-driven solutions, vision AI is a trusted source of innovation and reliability. Our experts excel in recommending, integrating, and deploying tailored AI solutions that support existing fixed automation systems.

From manufacturing automation tools to enhanced security, monitoring, and reporting, visionAI has it all. Contact us today and let us help you tailor solutions to meet your manufacturing needs.