Visual Intelligence
in Your Factory & Supply Chain ...with AI


Boost Production Efficiency and Prioritise Occupational Health & Safety with visionAI

Turning your Supply Chain & Factory CCTV into data intelligence


Visual AI can be applied using your existing factory camera installation – no need for further hardware investment


visual AI

Our system is trained to detect, monitor, analyse and provide deeo analytics that improve your factory processes


New Insights

Unlock visual intelligence to make better informed decisions and ensure a safe, productive factory environment

What is visionAI?

The visionAI platform exists to assist manufacturers & Supply Chain turn their CCTV cameras into intelligent hardware that deliver actionable insights. Using visual AI integrated with your existing cameras, visionAI provides visual intelligence of business-critical activities that increase production efficiency and reduce operational risk.

By enabling precise counting, tracking, and reporting, the solution monitors the availability, performance and quality metrics of people, machinery and raw materials while ensuring compliance with safety standards. 

Curious about real-world applications?

Dive into our use cases to witness how computer vision enhances manufacturing businesses just like yours.

Detecting and alerting food manufacturing defects

Quality control for bread manufacturing

Enhancing workstation time monitoring for improved productivity and compliance

Stamping out cross-contamination in food manufacturing

Proven industry expertise

Food and Beverage Manufacturing

Transform food and beverage production with computer vision AI by addressing challenges such as subjective quality control, human error, and inefficiency.

Streamline processes for sorting, grading, packaging, and tracing to ensure consistent quality and safety from farm to table, while reducing costs and time.

Light/ Medium Manufacturing

Optimise light and medium manufacturing with AI for precise quality control, improved handling of cross-contamination risks, and enhanced time management on workstations and machines.

AI tools also aid in detecting safety violations, streamlining asset tagging and inventory management, and reducing shrinkage through effective security monitoring.

Discover key benefits of AI for Supply Chain & Manufacturing

Unlock the power of AI technologies with visionAI, designed to help you solve problems, recognise patterns, manage data, and streamline your process workflows. 

Explore AI system benefits for your business below.


No need for specialised hardware

Intuitive interface

No data science skills or steep learning curve required

Object Tracking

Track business-critical human and machine activities

Insights & alerts

Intuitive dashboard reporting with up-to-date insights

Visual evidence

Instantly access key moments with enhanced imaging

Insights into the world of AI in manufacturing

As the fundamental technology that enables machines to “see” and interpret the world around them, computer vision is revolutionising the value of business processes that involve objects, documents, and people. The ability to automatically extract information from images, through object recognition, scene reconstruction, and image segmentation opens up a world of endless possibilities.