Unlock Visual Intelligence with AI for Manufacturing

visionTrack: Transforming your existing CCTV camera investment into always-on AI eyes that monitor your business-critical activity

Intelligent factory AI software

visionTrack is an AI-driven automation tool that seamlessly integrates with existing camera systems to provide manufacturers with visual intelligence of business-critical activities that increase production efficiency and reduce operational risk.

By enabling precise counting, tracking, and reporting, the solution monitors the availability, performance and quality metrics of people, machinery and raw materials while ensuring compliance with safety standards. For these reasons, visionTrack is perfect for businesses who need to optimise efficiency, safety, and reliability on their production lines.

Why use visionTrack in your factory?

visionTRACK is a factory AI software that monitors business-critical activities that are easy to see but difficult to measure.  Make your existing cameras intelligent with AI. 

Boost Production Efficiency

Reducing production downtime is a major concern for manufacturers and every incremental improvement (even a 2% reduction in downtime or 5% increase in production output) can mean millions of dollars of bottom-line impact. visionTRACK monitors critical areas of your production line that involve business-critical people and machine activities.

Prioritise Occupational Health & Safety

Health & Safety and compliance related risks are significant around the world with the threat of loss of life and heavy fines for employers. visionTRACK can detect risks and alert both workers and employers to impending danger. Proactive monitoring is critical in avoiding incidents.

Runs on your existing CCTV infrastructure

Integrates seamlessly with existing systems

Trains AI models to match your business needs

Continuously improves with minimal effort

Value-added features of visionTrack

Offers customised dashboards for OEE, OLE, OHS & QC

Built on a simple SaaS subscription model

Automatically triggers alerts and notifications

Standard object tracking

Object character Recognition

Facial recognition capabilities

How visionTrack is helping manufacturers

Explore our use cases to see how computer vision is empowering manufacturing businesses like yours.

Detecting and alerting food manufacturing defects

Quality control for bread manufacturing

Enhancing workstation time monitoring for improved productivity and compliance

Stamping out cross-contamination in food manufacturing


visionTrack in Action





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Top 1% global AI systems integrator

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Frequently asked questions about visionTrack

visionTrack has revolutionised manufacturing automation by seamlessly integrating into various production environments, including fixed automation settings. It automates and optimises production activities, specifically focusing on repetitive tasks that are crucial in manufacturing. By employing advanced AI and machine learning algorithms, visionTrack can analyse visual data from CCTV cameras, enabling accurate tracking and monitoring of production activities. This integration increases efficiency and accuracy across different automation systems, ensuring streamlined operations in both fixed and flexible automation manufacturing environments. Its ability to adapt and interpret a wide range of manufacturing scenarios makes visionTrack an essential tool for modern manufacturing, as it significantly increases speed, precision, and quality control.

CCTV software is a key component in modern automation tools, utilised extensively for monitoring and managing production lines. It enables the surveillance and analysis of manufacturing environments, helping to optimise operations and maintain high levels of security and efficiency.

AI CCTV is the integration of artificial intelligence with traditional CCTV systems, forming a cornerstone of modern manufacturing automation tools. It enhances surveillance and monitoring along a production line and throughout the entire supply chain, utilising advanced algorithms for real-time analysis, anomaly detection, and process optimisation. This technology brings a new level of insight and control to manufacturing operations.