Computer Vision AI: A Logistics and Manufacturing Game-Changer

Artificial intelligence (AI) has come of age in 2023, with multiple applications and permutations now penetrating every corner of every industry and sector.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has come of age in 2023, with multiple applications and permutations now penetrating every corner of every industry and sector. From the increasingly powerful capabilities of generative AI (GAI) to the potential of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), this technology is transforming how industries operate, connect and collaborate.

Computer Vision AI leverages AI to teach computers how to process visual information from inputs such as video feeds, so it can then take appropriate actions. Computers are essentially trained to watch and interpret the human world through video feeds.

It is, according to IBM, the ability to use ‘machine learning and neural networks to teach computers to see defects and issues before they affect operations’. It is also why this technology is so exceptionally relevant to modern logistics and manufacturing organisations – every factory has cameras. Why not turn them into all-seeing sensors that never sleep?

Using computer vision AI, companies within these sectors can transform how they monitor and control Risk, and how they analyse and improve efficiency with technology that watches everything, all the time. Using visual data provided by devices already installed, carried by teams, worn by on-site personnel, digital images provided by maintenance crews, and all other forms of visual and digital data, computer vision has the ability to:

  • Detect and report on complicated, multi-factor issues, significantly reducing downtime and catching issues before they become complex and cause expensive delays. This can reduce maintenance costs, unplanned downtime and improve the organisation’s ability to detect potential failures well in advance.
  • Transform quality control through the use of AI in automation. By placing AI at the helm of mundane tasks, manufacturing organisations can increase accuracy and process large volumes of information quickly. This then reduces human error, optimises time efficiencies and unlocks business value.
  • Take inventory management to the next level with real-time visibility into stock levels which reduces the risk of stock-outs and streamlines the ordering processes. Computer vision systems can also process video and find objects that match specific search criteria, tracking their movements within the system and ensuring seamless inventory control and visibility.
  • Create a digital record of the physical world, to enable analysis and improvement. Visual content such as goods, trucks, palettes or faces within a photo or video stream are automatically detected, which means logistics is transformed as is security and access control. Face recognition, object detection, document processing and voice recognition are all the advanced features included within computer vision AI and that provide vital information to decision-makers in real-time.
  • Digitise your data so you achieve greater cost efficiencies over time within a full integrated experience that radically optimises processes.
  • Reveal the currency of real-time data to enhance business processes and decision-making while driving innovation.

Computer vision AI from VisionAI is designed from the ground up to ensure seamless integration into your manufacturing or logistics organisation. The platform is designed to make it as easy as possible for you to consume any feed, perform advanced analytics, achieve industry-specific outcomes, and reimagine remote monitoring and control. visionAI’s Computer Vision was created out of years of research and development into the Intelligent visionAI Vision platform. This consists of multiple applications and capabilities that can be used to achieve customisable and relevant outcomes for manufacturing organisations.

visionAI understands exactly how to enhance your manufacturing and logistics business strategy with automated and secure business processes leveraging the capabilities of computer vision and AI. And we can do this with ease and confidence.

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