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Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming the Insurance Industry

Wondering how Artificial Intelligence is transforming the insurance industry? AI technology has already begun to change how insurers do business by helping them become more efficient and effective.  Technology is advancing daily, affecting industries from manufacturing to human resources and insurance. It has become increasingly apparent that artificial Intelligence (AI)

Unpacking And Understanding AI And Automation

Before attempting to get an understanding of AI and Automation, one must forget what you have seen depicted as Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the movies or on social media. It’s not all about brainy human-looking robots with super-computers substituting for the human brain. No, it’s not human-created non-humans taking over

New technology and the Imagination Boundary

The introduction of a new technology usually follows a similar pattern – at first, it is invented in labs deep underground in universities. At this point, it is unique, expensive, and difficult to use. Then some company takes a risk and commercialises it, giving them what’s known as; “the first-mover

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