Delivery Lead, visionAI. Specialising in Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning, NLP, chatbots, ANN, AI platforms) and Data Science. With over 10 years of experience in driving intelligent transformation across industries, Craig helps visionAI drive business transformation that delivers true digitisation for customers while keeping technology simple, usable, and meaningful. With a focus on thought leadership and skills empowerment through AI, Craig architected high-profile projects across sectors including financial, healthcare, public, media, telecommunications, and transportation.

Head of AI, visionAI. Since the inception of the visionAI division, Peter has led his team to deliver significant transformation to the public, healthcare and commercial industries in South Africa through the application of disruptive AI solution to address local challenges. With a background in technology development, consultation, and architecture, Peter displays a drive to deliver true digitisation to customers through the application of advanced Machine Learning, Cognitive Computing and Artificial Intelligence techniques.

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