Support SLA

1 | Support

The VisionAISuite product is software, and as much effort as we put into testing, our software has bugs – all software has bugs.

If you need support, please refer to this section to know how to log, track and evaluate defects. 

  1. Support Times
    • Support is available during Office Hours for Johannesburg, defined as 8:00am to 5:00pm GMT+2.
    • Should support be required outside of these times, please request a quote for an extended support agreement.
  1. Response Process, Times & Priority Levels
    • Response times are detailed below, and the Mint Intelligent Insights team and resources will provide resolution within the best possible and most reasonable time. It is important to note that resolution times cannot be committed to as it is dependent on the complexity of the issue and could have product vendor dependencies.
    • The priority of issues logged are classified as below:
  2. Support Channels
    • Contact can be made with Mint Intelligent Insights through the following communication channels:
  3. Response Time Service Levels
    • Response time is the time between ticket creation and when Mint makes a personalized phone call to the end-user.
      Prior to the phone call, the Mint support consultant has done an initial investigation. The phone call is to confirm that the support consultant understands what the issue is (actual behaviour) vs what the Customer was expecting (expected behaviour).
      The support consultant either provides an immediate workaround during the phone call or provides details on the next steps that will be taken, and the target date for the next steps. The phone call is then immediately followed by an email afterwards. This is a first response.
  4. Responsibilities
    • Mint Responsibilities
      Mint will provide the infrastructure, technology, people, and processes necessary for the support
      service and will:
      • Always Comply with the Applicable Laws and take the necessary steps to permit any regulatory authority access to its business and information in respect of the support services.
      • Meet response times associated with the priority assigned to support calls.
      • Generate reports on issues and service level performance when requested.
      • Adhere to the specific governance, risk management and internal controls advised by the customer to perform the Support Services.
      • Will communicate any updates to supports calls in a timeously manner.
      • Allow upon request by the Customer (which shall include reasonable advance notice), access to its facilities, personnel and information for the purposes of performing such audits or inspections as may be reasonably required to examine the Mint’s performance of the support services.
      • Mint shall always maintain in force insurance coverage relating to the provision of the Support Services by Mint hereunder to the satisfaction of the customer. Insurance shall be carried in such amounts and shall cover such risks as are reasonable and appropriate considering the nature of its business and the associated risks.
    •  Customer Responsibilities
      Customer responsibilities and/or requirements in support of this agreement include:
      • Any policy or governance implications or responsibilities.
      • Following the support logging procedure.
      • Periodic review and monitoring on an annual basis of the support services.