The Power of Robotic Process Automation


What is Robotic Process Automation?

Robotic process automation (RPA) is not the same thing as mechanical robots. The only robots used in RPA are software robots or “bots”, which operate on a computer or virtual machine. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s look at the actual definition of robotic process automation.

Robotic process automation software automates regular computer tasks that most people often dislike doing. Bots are computer programs that launch and control other programs to fulfil such mundane tasks. For example, if you regularly have to perform a routine task like open a spreadsheet, insert some extra information, copy from one cell to another, and close the sheet – then a bot could automate that process for you.

Robotic process automation can be seen as a digital secretary or personal assistant that automates commonplace tasks to help free up human time. Bots can precisely and swiftly simulate practically any human-computer interaction. RPA integrates automation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to automate repeated rule-based processes.

What are the advantages of RPA?

There are several advantages of using robotic process automation technologies, besides just preventing extreme boredom and lack of job satisfaction.
These can include significantly decreasing error rates and process times, as well as a quick return on investment.


A positive ROI may be achieved in many ways in a business. However, few pay off as quickly as robotic process automation solutions. A near-instantaneous reduction in operational costs can be expected as your employees are freed up from rote work to do the parts of their job that require complex problem-solving.


By automating dull tasks using RPA, employees can take on more engaging responsibilities. As a result, employees will experience more job satisfaction, which has a snowball effect on productivity.

Customer Service Improvements

Task automation not only frees up time for employees to improve their customer service delivery but also reduces errors, boosting consumer satisfaction. In addition, response times are drastically reduced and customers data is up-to-date.

Optimum Accuracy

Unfortunately we as humans are not flawless. Machines, unlike humans, are less prone to mistakes and therefore RPA robots can be trusted to deliver in terms of accuracy and consistency.

The visionAI Suite

Robotic Process Automation Solutions for Your Business

RPA solutions improve ROI, accuracy, productivity, and task completion time. In addition, both customers and employees are more satisfied. The visionAI Suite provides business automation solutions using AI and RPA technology. Customer interactions, onboarding, identity verification and data extraction are just a few of the everyday tasks that can be automated using the visionAI Suite.​

If you would like more information about our AI and RPA solutions, and how they can be implemented within your own business, contact visionAI Suite.