Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) Truck Load Safety
Using Visual AI & GPT


Manufacturing delivery and Transport operators confront substantial risks during their delivery operations, underscoring the critical need for comprehensive risk assessments. Key statistics emphasize the severity of these risks:

  • Vehicle Loading: Annually in the UK, over 4,000 successful prosecutions target drivers and operators for unsafe or overloaded loads. More than 50% of vehicles weighed by the DVSA exceed weight limits, impacting vehicle stability and safety.
  • Falling from Vehicles: Each year, the HSE records over 2,000 serious injuries from falls, often resulting in broken limbs and prolonged work absences.
  • Vehicle Manoeuvring: Nearly a quarter of work-related vehicle fatalities occur during reversing and slow-speed manoeuvring, leading to costly damages to vehicles, equipment, and premises.

Fines for contraventions or incidents cost organisations hundreds of thousands of pounds per incident.


Implementing effective control measures and safety protocols based on these statistics is imperative to mitigate risks, prevent injuries, and safeguard lives within the transport industry. Understanding and addressing these challenges proactively are paramount for ensuring operational safety and public well-being.


  • Existing truck cameras
  • visionTrack Computer Vision solution
  • Custom GPT


  • visionTrack leverages existing truck camera feeds that have a rear view of open truck beds
  • visionTrack monitors high frequency images of truck loads before and during trips, analysing critical safety parameters eg. how well a load is stacked, has the load been secured well, have sufficient safety measures been put in place (eg. Sideboards and Side pins), has the loaded moved during the trip
  • The solution leverages a custom GPT that provides intelligence like detecting subtle load movements when analysing imagery as a trip progresses
  • Email alerts are provided when emerging or imminent risks are present.
  • Dashboard reporting provides a holistic picture of overall load safety risk across a fleet and highlights opportunities to further mitigate risk


Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) operators can now implement a robust solution for truck load safety that achieves the following,

  • A robust process that automatically monitors truck loads for safety concerns at high frequency (that is costly & time consuming for people to manage)
  • Alerts Operators to emerging and imminent risks
  • Provides unbiased, objective data & reporting to meet Audit requirements.
  • Reduces health & safety risk for operators that load / offload heavy goods
  • Reduces risk of lost truck loads (that can threaten surrounding traffic and pedestrians)
  • Reduce the risk of heavy fines from organisations like the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) in the UK.