Increased Labour Efficiency via Final Inspection Monitoring


  • Final inspection is critical to ensuring that completed products meet quality standards and are packed according to specification. Failure to manage this step efficiently can result in production downtime, especially if human process supervision, quality control, or packing aren’t maintained optimally.
  • On average – for every 5 minutes of production downtime suffered – manufacturers can lose tens of thousands of dollars in output revenue
  • The continuous supply of product is needed throughout to run QA checks effectively. This includes a ready supply of cardboard to maintain accurate packing specifications for final product on shipment.


Manufacturers aim to optimise the available time of their machines and people to achieve production performance metrics and quality standards. Production performance should be consistent with reliable production outputs that help meet Manufacturers’ objectives.

Manufacturers should also provide a working environment that supports employee’s needs and fosters a culture of continued development and improvement.


visionTrack monitors business-critical activities at key points of the final inspection process, including:

  • Supply to the QA and packing area: Camera feeds identify when the line is running effectively and there is sufficient stock and supplies. Alerts can be set to inform managers of insufficient supply that may stall production.
  • Packing stations: Camera feeds can identify and monitor packing stations and track active and inactive time on the packing operation.
  • Finished products: Packed and sealed boxes can be counted and tracked as they leave the production line for handover to the warehouse.


Existing factory cameras

  • Roof-mounted fisheye cameras and wall-mounted cameras covering the QA area


visionTrack with relevant trackers

  • Operator on station
  • Product counting
  • Supply availability


24/7 Visual intelligence on productivity is fed to visionTrack’s Overall Labour Efficiency (OLE) dashboard and incorporates: 1. Availability (active versus inactive time of the packing team), 2. Performance (number of products checked and packed), and 3. Quality (number of products that don’t pass quality control).

Thanks to this view, manufacturers can cut down on production downtime and gain significant additional output revenue. Managers and supervisors can inform and guide enhanced productivity, training and development, and process optimisation.