Hyper Automation – Comprehensive and Intelligent Automation

What Is Hyper Automation? 

Hyper automation is a framework of modern technology that enables various procedures and activities to be automated without human interaction in order to scale automation operations. 

Frequently utilised technology includes process mining and task mining technologies, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), robotic process automation (RPA), and optical character recognition (OCR). Development tools that require low or no-code are also frequently used to reduce the amount of money and time spent developing automations. 

Automation vs. Hyper Automation – What’s the difference? 

Many individuals confuse the two. But there are distinct differences between these technologies. In this context, automation refers to computer-based automation rather than robot-based automation. RPA is a commonly used type of automation used to improve the efficiency and accuracy of task completion. Automations are tailored to specific software and may be applied to a specific scenario. For example, repetitive tasks can be automated through workload automation. 

Hyper automation uses advanced technologies such as machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) for task automation. It is a technological extension of automation that allows it to do more. Reading documents with OCR, interpreting them with natural language processing, and compiling summaries using natural language generation are just a few examples of how AI is used to expand traditional automation. 

What Are the Advantages? 

Hyper automation may improve operational processes within companies by automating certain manual tasks. By building on RPA’s strengths, while also addressing its weaknesses, companies can expand and enhance automation processes. Hyper automation further ensures that tasks are completed quickly without compromising on precision or consistency. Companies can further enjoy the lighter resource and technology requirements of low-code or no-code hyper automation solutions. 

The business automation solutions offered by the Vision AI Suite uses intelligent hyper automation to automate a variety of tasks, cutting down labour hours and customer wait times. Identity verification, recruitment, and many other everyday tasks can be automated using the Vision AI Suite. Contact Vision AI Suite for a free demo. 

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