Simplifying Criminal Checks for High Volume HR Onboarding in South Africa

Managing criminal record checks for high volume HR onboarding in South Africa can be a time-consuming and costly process. However, there is a simpler, faster, and more cost-effective solution available. This blog explores an alternative option that leverages technology to streamline the criminal check process, reducing the burden on HR administrators while maintaining accuracy and compliance.

Understanding Criminal Record Checks in South Africa

In South Africa, criminal record checks, also known as Criminal History Searches or AFISwitch criminal record checks, are a common requirement for employment screening. These checks provide valuable insights into a candidate’s employment history and character. The South African Police Service (SAPS) holds all criminal data, and AFISwitch is the designated supplier of this information to the public.

The Challenges of Traditional Biometric Tests

Performing biometric tests for criminal checks can be a cumbersome process for HR administrators dealing with high volumes of employees. This administrative activity, among others, often leads to delays in the onboarding process, extending it from days to weeks.

Exploring Alternative Options

Is it necessary to conduct a full biometric process for every prospective candidate? There are alternative options available that provide most of the required information without the need for time-consuming fingerprint checks.

Introducing visionAI’s HR Onboarding Solution

visionAI offers an innovative HR onboarding solution that employs a Criminal Risk Indicator for rapid criminal checks using ID numbers instead of fingerprints. This solution leverages an operational SAPS database to verify a candidate’s criminal status, providing results within a couple of hours.

Comprehensive Results with the Criminal Risk Indicator

The Criminal Risk Indicator not only determines if an individual has a criminal record but also provides details such as convictions, cases awaiting trial, and warrants of arrest. While these results are indicators and don’t carry legal status, they offer valuable insights for HR onboarding processes, significantly reducing onboarding time.

Streamlining the Process for High Volume Onboarding

For high volume onboarding, the Criminal Risk Indicator serves as a solid solution to quickly identify applicants with criminal records. This allows HR administrators to make informed decisions on whether a formal criminal check with fingerprint scans is necessary, saving time and resources.

Reducing Dependence on Specialized Hardware and Trained Personnel

Since only a small percentage of applicants typically have a criminal record, utilizing the Criminal Risk Indicator reduces the need for formally trained individuals and specialized hardware to manage the biometrics process for formal criminal checks. This further streamlines the onboarding process and reduces costs.

Streamlining criminal record checks is crucial for efficient HR onboarding in South Africa. The Criminal Risk Indicator offered by visionAI provides a simpler, faster, and more cost-effective solution, significantly reducing the burden on HR administrators. By leveraging ID numbers and an operational SAPS database, organizations can expedite the onboarding process while maintaining compliance and ensuring the accuracy of criminal checks.

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